Sunday, November 8, 2009

Long Seduction

A coupla years ago, right around this time of year, yeah, almost exactly--some really weird shit was going on in my world. My personal world. I was at a loss to explain it at the time.

But since I have had two long years to think it over, I have concluded that it was not a devious Machiavellian mind-fuck done at my expense for kicks. I have also concluded that it was not completely illogical the way this being went about "meeting" me and "studying" me. It was like "stalking" but it never went over the line--you know, just showing up frequently in places I frequented, often amazingly in a hotel room down just down the hall from mine (this part was nearly constant for 2 and 1/2 months--the hotel deal), trying to get access to our hotel's security camera tapes (video) to make a copy for herself, especially when we were both in the picture. No doubt the latter thing reflects her years of "Hollywood" brainwashing and she wanted those tapes to make some sordid film to masturbate to. I take that back, it was devious and it was a mind-fuck.

But, I repeat, it was not Machiavellian. It was a mind-fuck in a literal sense. And it was devious in that only a bedeviled woman like Judith could have come up with this incredible complexity--like an obsessive witch who likes to work puzzles! But it was not done with malice or ill-will.

There is a link to a bunch of photos where the great majority of the antics occurred--I don't want to name the hotel, as I promised I would not, except for the plug I will give them in a book. You may have to become my Facebook friend to see the pictures, I am unsure of that.

It is well-documented from several xenobiological expert sources that the courting rituals and mating rituals of her species are exceedingly bizarre, prolonged (at times painfully) and complex, especially for other humanoid species to understand, much less tolerate.

It often involves vile language use, even hate-speech or threatening terms, and obscene words (what ever those are.) It involves metaphor exquisitely, and these must be interpreted exactly, lest horrible attrition result. Let's not leave out the ESPionage and technological cluster-fuck. It appears to involve hacking. At least, on Gaia, that is what it is called in 2007-2009. Hacking--unauthorized entry into private computer systems.

It involves or has involved HORRIFIC PERIODS OF WAITING. To males not of her genetic origin, or only partly sharing that lineage, these periods of waiting are EXCRUCIATINGLY painful and are obviously totally unnecessary and undesirable. So, in essence, part of the "courting/mating" behaviour of these freakazoids is to "turn off" the very person you are trying to "turn on!" Go figure. If I had only found that V/K dictionary I needed in A'dam it would have all been much less painful and more logical. But after searching 6 bookstores with extensive foreign/alien clientele, I found my search for such a book in vain. I just had to gut it out.

They (several non-Earth natives) say the human today is the monkey of the year 2012, but if I were the turtle, I would say to the rabbit, "corre corre tia!" Apeshit!