Thursday, July 26, 2012

Them Damn Wild Catholics

     Now.  Catholics in okolona in those days, we were a tiny minority.  the KKK was more numerous.  They felt about as "mighty white" to US as to the "niggers."  They used to burn crosses in the area.  I saw hundreds with their stupid pointy Spanish insquisition sheet hats on marching like dumb white speed freak zombie nazis.  It scared me as a kid.  I hated them and identified with my black friends accross the street whom I had grown up with.  It helped that they joined the St Rita Church too.

    I learned not to trust Whitey.  then i found out weird shit from aunts and uncles.  We had slaves and bred with them in not so distant past.  We were also and still are heavily Cherokee on one side of family (mother's.)  So, I can identify since I come from Kaintuck.