Thursday, August 2, 2012

When my sister-in-law Elena Vag fiched me

I was a young ameican.....and I was conversant in Spanish and went to Sopain.  Esplaya  i mean Espanya.......met a young higger there and she besuckled me away from the others.........we got married etc, yadda yadda yadda.

Misery ensued, after her sister Vag fiched me.  See, Elena Fernandez Leon de Cordoba y Bubion, was the HOT pattuttie of the family.........but she was too young when i met her sister........

Sje literally was like 11 yrs old when i met her and began to train her. I wanted to communicate to her how much I loved HER instead of her sister, whom I did love at fist....FIST   TO her memory, may she rot in Bad Stobokor,   KUNT!
Anyway, Elena turned out to be the smartest one in the family too!!!    that made it all the more worse for me.....every year for 10 years going b ack and forth between Spain and USA......each year /elene blossoming into such a magnificent beauty.  Seductive naturally.  Not trying to be super-sexy......just was.  Could not HELP it.