Thursday, October 16, 2008

Why Apeshit?

Besides the literal connotation of the word, "Apeshit," why is my book-in-progress titled so?

I have been asked this question several times by friends and folks who know me, and it is a good one. The book is a memoir and I am the author. I am Andre S. Lange, and what the title conveys is a pop culture slang metaphor for "going crazy" or "mental illness of some sort." This blog will not be a posting of the book itself as it is created, since most of it is already written. However, it will feature some ideas from the book and perhaps at times, include verbatim snippets of Apeshit itself. Incidentally, my surname rhymes with "range", like "home on the range," not "rang," as in "the telephone just rang." Having one's name often mispronounced is enough to make one "go apeshit!"
The book is not only about mental illness--how boring and exceedingly painful a read THAT would be! But, like diabetes, taxes and smoking, Apeshit (which from now on, I will attempt not to put in quotes, but just use synonymously for the title of this book and the vague notion of craziness or mental illness of an unspecified sort. You are welcome!) does touch pretty-much 99.99 per cent of families in the human race. Apeshit also deals with growing up in a red-necked area of the U.S.A., seeing racism in action, getting a job, falling in love, and having one's mind opened in various ways, among other things.
It is my hope that readers of the blog will be able to identify with some of the themes in Apeshit and will eventually want to purchase and read the book. Thus, while continuing to finish the work-in-progress, I will likely occasionally rant about how hard it is to write or create. Please bear with me during those moments, for they will really be auto-therapy! That is, ranting in this blog about my difficulties writing a book about "craziness," without using pejorative phrases like "she's crazy, mommy!" or in any way appearing to make light of the suffering of people dealing with mental illness, will most hopefully prevent ME from erupting like Mount Vesuvius! I will also occasionally post useful (to me, and maybe you) quotes or sayings that seem to fit my mood or the moment. It is with one such quote that I sign off from this "welcome to my web log." My favorite American writer, Kurt Vonnegut (R.I.P.), said a lot of true and often funny stuff. But I found most of the time I could easily identify with him, and he put things bluntly but eloquently.

"I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things that you can't see from the center." {Kurt Vonnegut}

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